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Kalpataru's investments so far:

System Insights Inc, USA
Operations management software to improve productivity in manufacturing

Traveling Spoon Inc, USA
Connecting travelers for authentic home food experience

Skyfi Education Labs Private Limited, India
Transforming text book geniuses into productive engineers

uFony Services Private Limited, India
Connecting people using technology

Bodhi Brands Private Limited, India
Online marketplace for crowdsource designed jewelry

Silvan Innovation Labs Private Limited, India
Automation for smarter and safer homes

FinBud Financial Services Private Limited, India
Advisors for enlightened financial decisions

Klentysoft Inc, USA
Integrated platform for prospecting and sales

MenstruAid Innovations Private Limited, India
Comfortable period.

NeTree e-Services Private Limited, India
Cloud based software for retail stores - in store and online

Hour Glass Design Private Limited, India
Niche products through Digital Art and Indian handicrafts

Paperflite Inc, USA
Cloud based application to manage marketing/sales collaterals intelligently

Varashakti Housing Finance Private Limited, India
Affordable finance for affordable housing in India

Bon Fresh Foods Private Limited, India
Retail business focused on sale of different varieties of freshly brewed tea

Pangaea Data Limited, UK
Optimizing drug discovery and development through faster identification of the right patients using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Technologies

Vogueme Technologies Private Limited
Analyzing video content by providing best-in class insights, using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

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